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Sunday, April 08, 2007

The New Challenges

The challenges for the Region 4 Spring Lego Robotics tournament have been revealed. They are: the Mountain Climber, the Slalom, the Ball Game, the Mystery challenge, and the creative challenge. In the mountain climber you have to climb up a six-foot high ramp on a curve which eventually is straight upward surface. There is a time limit of two minutes, so we cannot use our slow robots for this challenge, which have a lot of torque. In the Slalom there are cups set up two feet apart which the robot must go around the fastest one to complete this challenge is the winner. In the Ball Game, which is performed on a four foot by eight foot playing field, you must take blue balls which are found in the home base or red balls which are placed on top of cups to a scoring zone which has different point areas. The Mystery Challenge is announced on the competition date. However, we do know that in the challenge we will either have to move or manipulate objects with some type of claw. In the Creative Challenge, the possibilities are endless; you can make a robot that dances, draws a picture, resembles an animal in appearance and action, or anything else you can think of. You can view the challenges in full detail at the Region 4 Lego Robotics website.


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