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Wednesday, January 31, 2007


On Sunday we (the I. S. 93 Eagles) won first place for robot design in the citywide FLL (First LEGO League) Robotics competition. It was all due to everyone's efforts: Daniel's original design, Robert's programming, and the technical presentation Eugene and I had. It was truly a team effort. Now in LEGO Robotics we will be trying to build the slowest robot possible. The rules are:
1) You must use three or less wheels.
2) Everyone in your group must be able to explain the final gear ratio before start of race.
3) You must have at least one twenty-four tooth gear in the gear train.
4) The drive wheel must be hidden from plain eyesight.
This will be done over a 0.5 meter distance. This will be interesting...

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Competition Time!

The citywide LEGO Robotics competition is approaching and it is hecktic in our LEGO Robotics class. There is building, programming, and preperation of technical presentations going on in all corners of the room. Eugene, my partner and I are rapidly trying to perfect our programs and getting more missions solved. Furthermore, we are preparing our technical presentation forthe competition. Daniel and the other Robert have decided to join forces for the competition. We are all anxious about performing well in the competition.