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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

My Group's Robot

This is my group's robot:

As you can see we have a 2:5 gear ratio which means that for every time the 50-tooth gear spins twice the 16-tooth gear will spin 5 times.

Problems With the Claw

These are my notes from today's LEGO Robotics class: We need to make our robot lighter since it has gotten so heavy because of our claw. Also, the claw was crushing itself when it ran after closing so we replaced the 24-tooth spur gear which was connected to the crown gear with a clutch gear.
This is the LEGO clutch gear. It prevents the amount of torque from exceding a certain amount. This means that it will start slipping when our claw is still running when it is already closed. This way the claw will not keep pushing on itself when it closes and is still running.

Even though we solved the problem of our claw crushing itself the clutch gear kept coming off of the axel so we put a full bushing under it so it wouldn't slide off.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

The Claw is On

These are our notes from Lego class today: We are working on getting our claw to be part of our robot, not just something that snaps on the robot and constantly comes off like our last robot. With the robot we have now we are turning a 90 degree angle with gears however we are using a crown gear and a spur gear instead of two bevel gears. We have finished building our new claw and now we must make it robust, so it does not fall apart. Also, we must build a limit switch by using a touch sensor that will be used along with the program we make to only let the claw move to a certain position. This means that when the limit switch is hit the claw will stop moving.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Today During Lego Robotics Talent Class

We have been having trouble attaching our claw before but we finally got it on. Though we may have solved the problem of putting the claw on, there is another problem that emerged while we did this. The problem is that the robot is not robust enough. The structure around the claw is constantly either falling apart or loosening because it cannot support the weight of the claw. So now we will take apart the structure connected to the claw and make a new, more robust one.